The Vibrant and Spiritual Mexican Home Decor

Some people wrongly assume that Mexican home decor consists of pottery, cactuses, and chili peppers. This is, of course, a very simplified view, which is missing out on the true Mexican heritage and design. In fact, Mexican home decor was influenced by many sources like the Spanish, the Native Americans, and even the Chinese. This influence along with extreme spirit of the Mexican people created the style that became so popular with people of other origins.

The History of Mexican Home Decor

Early Mexican home decor can be traced back to the 16th century, prior to the Spanish Conquest. It was at this time that the simple adobe structures made way for the more elaborate structures built by the Spanish monks. Taking styles from both, a newer type of design came about. This is what most people consider Mexican home decor. It includes densely decorated areas with colorful pottery, furnishings and textiles inspired by folk tradition.

Colors came into use in the early 1900’s, after the Mexicans overthrew the Spanish in 1821. A newly found independence added new style to the mix, and colors became immensely popular in Mexican home decor. Bright reds, deep browns, amazing gold and bronze colors, forest greens, as well as many other vibrant warm colors became the staple of the Mexican home decor. It is the lively and festive colorfulness of the people that makes the Mexican home decor what it is.

Modern Mexican Home Decor

Though Mexican home decor has largely remained unchanged throughout time, a few minor adjustments were made. The bright bold colors are still present, but everything is done with more simple and clean lines. The ornate and elaborate houses have been replaced by sparse modern homes, keeping more in tradition with how the Mexicans live their life.

Mexican home decor has taken a new life with nature and inspiration from natural materials of the Mexican homeland. Using fabrics and darker woods from Mexico has become popular in the Mexican home decor. Beautiful tapestries from old world Mexico have become even more popular and are made now with very bright yellows and blues, along with a distinct southwestern style added in. Architecturally wooden carvings in both art and pieces of furniture are making a come back.

Today, Mexican home decor is more popular than ever before thanks to the rich history and amazing mixes that made it both natural and vibrant. And of course, the inner spirit of this style is still alive and strong, and keeps on attracting many people who choose Mexican decor for their homes across the world.

Home Decor Shopping – Enjoy, Don’t Stress!

If you are moving to a new home or apartment, it must be an exciting event that can also be stressful a bit. Decorating a new living space the way you like calls for home decor shopping, and this is one more thing some people find very exciting, while others are not at all so enthusiastic about.

Home decor shopping is what quite a lot of people find stressful. Often, it is because people don’t like the idea of home decor shopping in general, and they do it reluctantly and as a necessity. They also get frustrated not being able to decide what exactly they want for their home, or can’t find the pieces within the price range set in their mind. Luckily, home decor shopping can be made easier if the person knows in advance what to look for.

Home Decor Shopping for the Selective Person

It is quite alright to be selective in what you decide to decorate your home with. After all, you are the one who will have to be living with whatever decor items you choose! However, you will have to make allowances.

For those who are quite enthusiastic about home decor shopping, the goal is to find that perfect piece of furniture, wallpaper, or curtains, so that the vision you have for your home becomes a reality. However, sometimes you can’t always find that one piece that would make your home decor look perfect. In that situation, you have two options: to wait for a new shipment, to buy something else.

Probably, it is OK to wait for a new shipment if that perfect addition to your home decor will be back in stock shortly. However, keep in mind that, depending on what that item is, it could take several weeks, or even several months for that item to arrive. Thus, choose this option if the item you are looking at is something you can do without for a while.

It would dishearten anyone to go to a store thinking that the item they are looking for is there, only to find out that it is sold out and not going to be restocked. In this case, you can check online to see if perhaps the item is being sold through another store. Or, you can ask a sales associate for items that are similar to the one that you were looking for.

Best places for home decor shopping are a local department store, and the Internet, of course. The first option is good because you can check all the pieces personally; home decor shopping online offers far more interesting selections. The key is to shop with patience and confidence – you are sure to find the items that will make your home decor look perfect!

Add a Home Decor Accessory to Your Room

Even though your room has nicely distributed furniture and everything seems to be in its in place, you might feel there is something missing. Little details do play a major role in home decor – appropriate home decor accessories added tastefully and in accordance with the overall style can greatly enhance the look of your room. Without home decor accessories any room will look lifeless and incomplete. Besides, they can pull the look of a room together.

Many Options to Choose From

Most home decorators are always on the lookout for the perfect home decor accessory to add to bland and uninteresting room. As home decor accessories come in a huge range of choices, you can narrow them down by selecting a theme for your room. Use this theme to determine the color and accessories that would work the most effectively with your selected style. If you decide to add a home decor accessory to your side tables, try to keep the height of the accessory level with your sofa. Small items will not fit the scale of the area, and will not make a dramatic statement on your side tables. Scale is a very important consideration when adding accessories to any piece of furniture, including bookcases, armoires, and even the floor.

An immediate difference can be done by adding some art to the room. You don’t want to overwhelm your room with too many pictures, but adding one or two main pieces can transform it to the best. Art home decor accessories can add color and definition to a room by creating a focal point that you can work from. Aligning the artwork with other pieces of varying heights, or grouping together a set of coordinating artwork makes a room come alive. As with any home decor accessory, try to bring your style together by using the colors that you have chosen for your room.

Home Decor Accessories Hunt

If you are wondering where to find perfect home decor accessories, check flea markets for some amazing treasure pieces. Sellers come together to offer their goods, giving you a greater chance to find that special and unique home decor accessory that matches your theme. This is a bargain shopper’s dream, since local people sell at flea markets who may not know the value of their belongings. Some consider flea markets to be really large yard sales, but either way you should have no problem finding something fun and inexpensive to add to your collection.

Antique stores also provide an excellent opportunity to find home decor accessories. Of course, they are more expensive than flea markets, but you can purchase items that have history and meaning to them. In antique stores you can find furniture and other items of any era and style – pick up a rare vase, plate, or pillow that will become the specialty of your room, drawing instant attention.